Party Beach Ski Camps

Our Mission: To provide a mountain experience where having fun is paramount to athletes’ evolution in skiing and in life. We challenge you to discover who you are as a skier in a safe, inclusive environment.

The coaching style is what makes Party Beach unique. The culture they create based on their sheer love and enthusiasm for not only the sport, but specifically, skiing on Mt. Hood in the summer, cultivates an infectious positive attitude – everyone knows who Party Beach is on the mountain because they’re clearly having the most fun.

All I know is [our son] calls it the “best week of his life” year after year…..we love the coaching and the vibe you guys create. It’s one of a kind.             –Steve Miele, parent

Party Beach Ski Camps provides unique and inclusive big mountain freeride skiing with alpine race fundamentals for skiers of all ages.  The ultimate goal of Party Beach Camps is to instill the “love of skiing” into our campers. We create an environment where kids are able to see and use skiing as a tool to express themselves.

We believe wholeheartedly that when you are in love with something, that you’re going to try your hardest to become better. We take time to ski the whole mountain, from hiking our very own private “cliff drop” feature, to hitting park jumps, skiing moguls and taking “soul shred” laps when the snow is good. When we get back in to our cliff feature after free skiing, kids are charged, inspired, happy and ready to work hard.

The camps are coached by former ski racers and inspirational ski consultants Marcus Caston and Lyndsay Strange. Marcus is a professional skier who can be seen gracing the covers and pages of Powder Magazine, Freeskier Magazine, Ski, Skiing, Backcountry Magazine, Warren Miller Entertainment and numerous international publications. Lyndsay is an Olympic alpine ski coach for Team Mexico and has traveled the world coaching skiing and developing athletes of all ages and abilities.

“Over the years, they saw many of their campers burn out on racing, which tends to have a more serious approach to skiing than the other park-oriented summer camps at Hood. After spending summer after summer on the glacier teaching the same kids, Caston and Strange decided to embark on their own this year with an idea to bring a more fun and lighthearted approach to ski racing summer camp.”Fast Times at Mount Hood, Powder Magazine, June 2016

“Where we differ from the other camps is the emphasis that we put on freeskiing during the day.  When conditions are right, we head out for some famous Mt Hood corn, slash turns, expression sessions, park laps, or mogul skiing!  Becoming proficient in all realms of skiing rounds out the skill set teaching feel and balance you can’t learn in a course.  It’s also invaluable to creating a love for the sport or skiing in general and a life beyond ski racing.  While other camps may frown upon it, the best part of my day is when the kids are skipping lunch to take a corn lap, or begging to take an extra jump lap at the end of the day.  That’s when I know I’ve done my job.” — Party Beach Ski Camps, Warren Miller Entertainment, May 2016

Marcus Caston Snowbird Shred from Blizzard Skis on Vimeo.