“Thanks for a wonderful summer for the Morris kids!  Most impressive was the confidence they developed.”
— Kerry Lynn P. Morris

In the Press

“We go out and we just have tons of fun. And my goal is to not make the fastest skier in the world—I mean, if you have that goal to be the fastest skier in the world, we can certainly help you achieve that—but not everybody’s going to be an Olympic champion. I just want to create skiers for life.” – Caston

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“Every day was like two days in one and my head hit the pillow tired… I was reminded what we adults so often forget: You don’t have to be an expert to teach someone, and you don’t have to be a beginner to learn.”

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“It was about fun. [Caston] had worked so hard for so many years trying to be the best that he had completely forgotten why he skied in the first place. It was fun.”

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“Pro skier and Warren Miller athlete Marcus Caston spends his summers teaching kids the most important thing there is to know about skiing: it’s about having fun…”

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“After a long winter of ski training, drills, and races, summer campers are ready to hit refresh at Mount Hood, Oregon. It gets even better this year, however, with coaches Lyndsay Strange and Marcus Caston’s new ski racing camp, called Party Beach…”
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