“Thank you for being funny and amazing. By the way, those lane dives were some of the most fun I’ve had on skis in a long time. I loved the freedom of this camp. Thank you so much for helping me push through everything, even if it was never perfect.”
—Charlotte, Age 11

Summer 2017

June 26-30 

Freeride/Big Mountain Camp —  New this year, focusing even more on all mountain skiing, feeling comfortable in the air, gaining a mountain sense by hiking out of bounds, while staying true to our ski racing routes by including freeski drills and drill courses for balance. We’ve been approved by Timberline to build our very own “cliff” feature. We will have the ability to utilize a progression from a 5 foot to a 15 foot “cliff” to gain confidence on these types of features with a perfectly soft and steep landing. This is a unique camp for Party Beach Ski Camps and for Timberline, the first of its kind on the snow field to offer a “Big Mountain” program separate from 100% ski racing or 100% terrain park skiing like other camps.

July 3-7 

Freeride/Race Camp – A combination of Freeride with a greater focus on race training. We will utilize the momentum built from Session 1’s Freeride focus and offer more race training for the needs of our campers, both on GS and Slalom skis.

July 10-14 

Big Kid Camp  -> Summer Fun Nationals Race 7/15-16 (open to all ages)

We’re all kids at heart. We combine all ages during this week with classicly unqiue ski race focused drills and race courses, all mountain skiing, hitting the park and mogul jumps to create an all-around well balanced skier in all of our campers.

One of our favorite weeks of the summer, this camp culminates with 2 days of Fun racing at the annual Summer Fun Master’s Nationals. Race registration will be a separate cost, more details and a group registration will be organized.

July 20-28*

Race Camp in two 4-day blocks with one day off in between (Marcus & Lyndsay Need A Break Camp) – This camp format will start with 4 days of skiing on slalom skis with courses, freeski drills and all mountain skiing as usual. We will have 1 day off in the middle where we will provide an activity such as a trip to Hood River, Trillium Lake day, or indoor roller skating (weather dependent). Then 4 more days of drills, free-skiing and courses on GS skis.

July 31- Aug 4

We Love Skiing in August Camp – A return to our roots with one last 5 day, Monday through Friday structured camp. We will utilize both SL and GS skis with drills, courses and all mountain skiing in true Party Beach form.

We Provide:

Housing, three meals per day, lift tickets, afternoon activities, transportation to and from the airport and transportation from Government Camp to the mountain and back each day. We also provide a “Training Only” rate and a full summer rate depending on your needs. Please inquire about a drop in rate if you’re interested in training with us for only 1 day.


Single Session, full program (room, board, airport transfer) – $1,450

Single Session, TRAINING ONLY – $850

July 20-28 Session, full program – $1700

July 20-28 Session, training only$1000

All Summer, full program (room, board, transportation) – $7,000

All Summer, TRAINING ONLY – $4,250

Sibling Discount – $300 (Inquire for discount code used at checkout)

* All prices shown are for cash or check. If you register online you will be charged an online service fee, which is reflected in your cart when you check out.