Caston bobs and weaves through chest-deep snow, turn after turn, leaving little to be desired—aside from wishing to serve up another heaping scoop.
— Powder Magazine, February 29, 2016

Meet Lyndsay & Marcus

Lyndsay Strange and Marcus Caston have been coaching groups on Mt. Hood for over 20 years, collectively.

Marcus Caston on the cover of Powder Magazine's February 2017 issue
Marcus Caston on the cover of Powder Magazine’s February 2017 issue

Lyndsay has been a USSA certified alpine coach for 9 years, moving from the east coast to Vail, and then Utah, where she has headed up the Academy Prep U14’s and coached the women’s FIS group for 3 years at Rowmark Ski Academy. She has recently gained accolades by coaching former US Ski Team athlete turned Team Mexico athlete, Sarah Schleper, in all events at the 2017 FIS Alpine World Championships in St. Moritz, Switzerland and went on to coach Sarah at the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeonchang, South Korea. Lyndsay’s rich experience and incredible ability to connect with kids has generated a positive reputation among her colleagues and pupils.

Post Star Article about Lyndsay coaching at the 2018 Winter Olmpics:

“Strange never envisioned becoming an Olympic coach, but she credits her opportunistic approach to life for putting her on the world stage, and she is right.”

grew up as an elite level ski racer in Utah, excelling in the sport and reaching the highest level of Nor-Am and Europa cup competition. He now is progressing the sport on the big-mountain stage, appearing in his sixth Warren Miller film this year and exploring projects on his own for film and photography that’s featured in top publications like Outside Magazine, Powder Magazine, Ski & Skiing Magazines, Ski Racing Media, Ski Journal and more. He won the first annual Ski Town Hair Down and was featured on the cover of Powder Magazine’s February 2017 issue.

They both possess a unique attitude toward skiing that makes having fun the highest priority, which inspires the kids to love and excel in the sport and purely as they do. The coaching style is what makes Party Beach unique. The culture they create based on their sheer love and enthusiasm for not only the sport, but specifically, skiing on Mt. Hood in the summer, cultivates an infectious positive attitude – everyone knows who Party Beach is on the mountain because they’re clearly having the most fun.

When conceiving the camp as it has evolved into a big mountain freeride focus, we decided to focus on the IFSA criteria (line choice, control, fluidity, technique, style and energy). By focusing on the IFSA criteria athletes have the ability to improve skills that not only make them better contest skiers but all mountain rippers who can charge hard making good decisions on the hill day in day out.

Party Beach Ski Camps?

It’s all about having fun! Ski racing is intimidating… especially on a massive open snow field face with a relentless pitch (Mt. Hood, Oregon), one false move and you could be sliding a long way down with volcanic rocks at the terminus… We want to make skiing a “judgment free zone” where athletes can explore what the sport means and how it feels to them.

We cultivate an inclusive environment, where it doesn’t matter who you are, what your background is, or how old you are, you’re one of us and we’re in it together. We put together small groups with high level FIS athletes, masters age adults and juniors, alike, yet we are all the same age and in the same boat when we’re together, having fun. We feel that by making fun the priority, the athletes automatically push themselves and execute drills and courses with a high intensity perhaps without even realizing they’re working so hard.